1. What formal wear styles best suit the style and time of day of my wedding? (You can get ideas from friends and family who have been in or attended attractive wedding in the past. All tuxedos have a satin strip down the sides, except for daytime formal wear)

2. Answer these questions when deciding on a tuxedo style:

  • During what time of the year will the wedding take place?
  • How formal is the style of the bride and bridesmaids?
  • The collar cut style?
  • Will the ceremony take place during the day or evening?
  • Is the cut of the coat long, below waist, or at waist?

3. Are shoes included? (Tuxedo Rentals might have packages including shoes available)

4. When should the tuxedos and accessories be reserved? (If possible, tuxedos and accessories should be reserved at least 4 months before the big day. Leave the shop time for alterations as with during these months)

5. Are alterations included? (Alterations are normally not included unless a package is bought)

6. When should the appointments for fittings be made? (No later than 4 months before the wedding day)



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