1. How experienced is the calligrapher? (Quality comes with experience. Ask for physical samples, and look for an artistic spirit in the work in addition to quality)

2. How expensive is a calligrapher? (This depends on the amount of detailed art work you want done)

3. Are references available? Do I sign a contract? (O.K., you go to the calligrapher’s studio and love what you see, but can the calligrapher finish your invitations in a specified amount of time. Get references and a contract with specifics)

4. What are some letter and design styles? Will I get a similar look and feel of a higher end invitation but within my budget? (Preview many physical and print samples of lettering and design options, and get consultation when matching the invitation to the style of your wedding celebration)

5. Is the calligrapher willing to stamp, seal, and stuff envelopes? (For a small fee, most calligraphers will do this time-saver for you)

6. Will mistakes be redone free of charge? (Any mistakes made on the calligrapher’s part including misspellings need to be specified in a contract. Always order extra envelopes because human error is unavoidable when handwritten)



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