1. Does the photographer have a primary style: traditional, candid, or posed? (Choose someone whose specialty is your favorite style)

2. What's the photographer's philosophy about weddings photography? (Get an idea of the photographer’s expertise and passion for his/her work)

3. Does the photographer shoot in color, black and white, or both? (Black and white is sometimes a favorite, so look into this option for some or all of your wedding photos)

4. How independent of you will the photographer work? Does photographer prefer that you describe exactly what you want, or would photographer rather have freedom to capture the festivities on film? (This will determine how well you will work together)

5. Will the photographer you interview be the one who actually takes your wedding pictures? (Each photographer's style is unique, and an assistance fee may apply)

6. How much experience does the photographer have in shooting weddings. What types of cameras are used, and does the photographer provide lighting by way of tripods, for example? (Experts say hiring a wedding novice risky. Hire someone who's experienced with wedding processes and won't miss key moments)

7. Will the photographer shoot any other weddings on your wedding day? (Make sure the photographer’s proximity regarding the other  wedding won’t be a risk to your wedding shoot)

8. What determines the photographer’s cost structure? (The quantity and style of prints you think you'll want, the hours the photographer spends on your wedding, the developing time, or a combination of the above factors)

9. How many rolls of film will be shot, and how many proofs and final prints will result? Are packages available? Can you get a price list? (Know that your options amongst all photographers vary. Know and understand what these options include)

10. Will the photographer develop the film? Can you buy your negatives from the photographer? (Know the duration of time before you can view, share, and purchase photos)

11. Does photographer have a portfolio of past work for your review? When reviewing the portfolio, notice the following:

  • How well frames are centered
  • Over or underexposure of photos
  • Effectiveness of lighting
  • Visibility of details
  • Bridal party’s expressions are comfortable and happy in addition to the bride and groom

12. Call references to ask:

  • Were you satisfied overall?
  • Did the photographer get all the shots you wanted?
  • Did the photographer respond/deliver to your orders?

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