1. Will a band, DJ, or a mix of both suit my wedding? (You and your fiancé might not agree on one, so both might be desirable. For example, the band can play for the first half of the reception, and the DJ can spin tunes for the second half. Find a DJ or band that will suggest music and/or play your picks)

2. Are the band and/or DJ available on the day of your wedding? Can you get confirmation that they will be available and on time in the event that another wedding is on their schedule on your wedding date? (Be cautious of those who tell you that confirmation in writing is not needed regarding their working your wedding on a specific date and time)

3. Is the band willing to follow a schedule of pre-selected music to supplement events (bridal party dance, father/daughter dance, dinner music) during the reception? (Get a commitment in writing for this too!)

4. Is the band or DJ within your budget? (Bands and DJ’s fees can range anywhere between $150 to $300.00 per hour, and less if they are students. Know overtime charges and if there is a 2-hour minimum. If you are having trouble deciding what you want with what you have to spend, ask friends and family for assistance with this in the form of a wedding gift)

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