1. How should I go about locating a jeweler? (Get referrals from friends and family who had purchased wedding bands in the past)

2. Can I get a warranty or guarantee? (Get this in writing)

3. Which hand is the wedding band worn on? (The fourth finger ring finger of the left hand of which has the leading love vein directly to the heart)

4. Should the bride and groomís wedding bands match? (They donít have to match in style or size. Commonly they match in style, but the groom will have a wider style)

5. Now that I will have a wedding band in addition to my wedding ring, what is the correct way to wear both? (You can wear them however pleases you. However, many brides wear both on the left handís ring finger with the wedding band closest to the heart. But it is more important to wear for based on your comfort)



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