1. How can I pick a good florist? (Get recommendations from family and friends, and be sure to check references)

2. What types of bouquets are there? What is trendy?
  • Cascading - Resembles a cascade with the flowers flowing downward. The bouquet has the delicately loose appearance free flowing flowers
  • Nosegay – Circular in shape and usually smaller than the other styles. Creativity can vary from a variety of the same or mixed flowers
  • Hand-tied – Less formal than the others. It gives the impression of a “just-picked” bouquet of spring flowers tied loosely with ribbon or lace
  • (Ask to see photographs of other weddings or live examples done by the florist, and notice if there is a creative variety. Tell the florist what you like and what you don't like about certain arrangements, and be sure to have your budget communicated before hiring a florist)

3. How will flowers be transported, and who will be responsible for set-up? (Know if there are any transportation risks regarding the vehicle transporting flowers from distributor to flower shop, then from flower shop to ceremony and reception. Know who will be delivering and setting up your flowers at the ceremony and reception. Full service florists are more expensive, but you get what you pay for)

4. What flowers will be in season when your wedding takes place? What are some less expensive alternatives to flowers beyond your price range? (Assess the florist's expertise by asking questions. If your budget is on the small side, ask how you can maximize your options)

5. What flowers are most likely to wilt in hot weather? (Your florist should openly make suggestions, as you are not expected to be a flower expert)

6. How many weddings will the florist have to do on the same day or weekend as yours and where? (Know florists schedule and proximity during the entire week and on the day of your wedding)

7. Does the florist offer rental items, or does the florist work closely with rental companies for vases, potted plants, arches, etc? (You might have to contact a rental company)

8. Does the florist preserve bouquets after weddings, or will you have to find someone who does? (If this is important to you, ask for referrals. Be sure to make arrangements to have your bouquet preserved directly after the ceremony or reception)

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