1. What is a wedding coordinator? A Wedding Coordinator works as the conductor of your wedding day, and ensures that your wedding day flows smoothly, and you donít have to worry about any of the details. Coordinators make all arrangements for the wedding-from invitations, catering, and limousine rides-to entertainment, table and linen rentals, flowers and balloon decorations. They can also make arrangements for rehearsal dinners, showers and engagement parties.

2. Do I need a wedding coordinator? If you are not confident with help from family and friends, or you are sure that these important people in your life canít or donít know what it takes to be the heart and soul of organizing your wedding, you will need a wedding coordinator. Brides find that hiring a wedding coordinator is a time-effective and cost effective way to a wonderful wedding because coordinators have resources at their fingertips and know how to get deals from vendors.

3. Is a wedding coordinator expensive? Wedding consultants typically charge a flat fee, hourly fee for limited services or a percentage fee of the overall wedding budget. On average, fees can range from $150 for an advice consultation up to $3,000 for a complete planning package.

4. Are wedding coordinators difficult to work with? Wedding Coordinators are professionals who help plan and conduct your wedding from concept to completion. A good wedding coordinator listens to your ideas, gives you unbiased opinions about options, and then helps you make them a reality. Take time to interview at least 3 wedding coordinators unless someone whose judgment you trust refers you. This way, you will recognize what personality traits are consistent with coordinators. In addition, you will better recognize unfavorable traits that you will be uncomfortable working with.

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