1. Will the designer do a custom cake, or are their set styles to choose from? (Review designerís photos of wedding cakes and actual cakes, if possible. Reference your custom style with pictures, fabric swatches, and other resources if you have one in mind)

2. What specific ingredients are used: fresh fruits or purees, Italian butter cream, farm-fresh butter? (This might not be paramount to you, but the better the ingredients, the better a cake will taste)

3. When will your cake be prepared? (The closer to your wedding date the better)

4. Are both a baker and a designer involved, or does one person do the entire cake? How many people work with the designer?  (Get an idea of how long it will take to create your cake)

5. Is the designer willing to work within your budget? (You might choose an expensively designed cake style, but you want a scaled-down, similar version)

6. Is your cake designer willing to work with your florist for including fresh flowers for decorations? (Know who will be responsible for providing the flowers when needed, you or the florist)

7. What are the bakerís and the cake designerís cost structures? Are they combined or priced separately? Are cakes priced by the slice? Are different flavors or fillings different prices? (Ask for a price list and understand how you are being priced)

8. Does the price include the top cake tier? (Many bakers include the top tier, the one many couples save for their first anniversary)

9. Is the baker licensed by the state health department? (Very important for obvious reasons!)

10. Does he or she deliver, or is this service outsourced? How much does it cost? If the cake is large, delicate, or at all complicated, delivery is well worth it. (Know who holds responsibility for prompt and quality delivery of your wedding cake)

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