1. How can I decide on a bridal boutique for my gown and my bridesmaids’ dresses? (Get referrals from family and friends, and ask about the details of their experiences and for advise)

2. When should I schedule the appointment for my final fitting? (Be sure that your dress will be complete with alterations in time for the big day)

3. How much are alterations? (Alterations can range from $40.00 on up depending where you go for your gown and bridesmaids dresses)

4. When should the order be placed, and how much is the deposit? (Depends on the duration of time before the big day and time commitment on the dress designer’s part, and it is usually 25% or 50%)

5. When must the deposit and balance be paid? (Usually the deposit is paid when the dress is ordered, and the balance is paid when the dress comes in)

6. What are the exchange and cancellation policies? (These policies can vary, but the deposit is commonly irrevocable under contract)

7. What is the time duration between alterations and fittings? Will I have a min set for alterations under contract before I incur additional charges for exceeding this minimum? (Find out all of the variables of the cost structure before signing a contract)

8. Can I bring the dress back to the shop to be pressed if I need last minute service? (Find out if this is an option on site, or will you need to go somewhere else)

Wedding Gown Preservation Questions

9. How soon after the wedding should this be done?
(As soon as possible; environmental conditions can quicken a beautiful, white gown to turn yellow)

10. Will you check my gown for stains before cleaning it? (This is a must)

11. Will you use an acid-free storage box and acid-free tissue? (Air is sucked out of an acid-free storage box and pumped with nitrogen for preservation. Dresses usually discolor with only acid-free tissue)

12. What type of warranty or guarantee do you offer in case of discoloration or not? (If available, warranties can vary by time and price)

13. How much will it cost? (Commonly ranges from $125 to $175 depending on size and details of gown)

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