we have listed below some bridal party gift ideas:

1. aromatherapy candles that fit in with each of their lifestyles (tranquility, energizing, de-stressing)

2. concert tickets to a band or tickets to a show

3. a small box of decadent chocolates

4. gift certificates to a national department store, so it can be enjoyed in almost every u.s.a. city!

5. gift basket filled with items for a luxurious bubble bath

6. take your bridesmaids to a wine tasting

7. for a business traveler, a tiny blow dryer and mini sizes of all her favorite toiletries (even the expensive ones she'd never buy for herself)

8. a gourmet gift basket (include a tiny cookbook and all the ingredients to make a few recipes)

9. manicures and pedicures all around! (great to give before the wedding)

10. a subscription to a magazine for a year. (you can subscribe based on individual interests

11. gourmet coffees or teas in a fun, jumbo-sized cup and saucer

12. a beautiful hand-blown glass vase or other artful object. (it doesn抰 have to be from venice!)

13. lingerie (boutique store)

14. a book of movie tickets or 12, one for each month! a movie rental gift card!

15. a lovely photo frame and a promise for a wedding photograph of the two of you

16. how about a gift certificate for a day-spa treatment including all or a few of the following: manicure, pedicure, haircut, hairstyle, massage, and facial (this is a good idea on the day of or 1 day before your wedding day.

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