1. Does it have adequate parking? Valet Parking? Handicapped parking? (Let your guests know in advance if these accommodations are available)

2. Are there adequate restroom facilities, and will the staff be available for cleaning emergencies? (You want your guests to have use of bathroom facilities that won’t replicate an airport’s schedule of set cleaning times)

3. Is the dance floor large enough? (Give your all of your guests the opportunity shake a bit and be seen by the videographer and others capturing your big day)

4. Will the banquet facility provide extras such as serving attendants or bartenders? Who is required to clean up? (You might have to get these extras from the caterer or another source)

5. Are there enough electrical outlets for the type of entertainment you are planning? (Compare what the DJ or band needs with what the facility has to offer)

6. Am I required to have the banquet facility’s food and beverages? (This is common with full service banquet facilities, but you can ask to find out if food and beverages can be outsourced or brought in)

7. Are there enough tables and chairs? (The facility or you might have to rent more)

8. How early can I get in to set up? (The dining room should be available at least 4- 6 hours before your reception. This will give caterers, florists, live entertainment, and etc. adequate time to set-up without getting into each others way)

9. By what time must I be out? (This will need to be communicated to all that will be working your reception: caterers, entertainment, limo service, etc. as well as to friends and family with cake knife, cake tier and related responsibilities)

10. How much is the rental fee and what is included? (Try to eliminate any surprises or ill-communicated charges)

11. How soon must it be reserved? (Reserve at least 4 months before the reception but sooner if possible. Allow time for invitations to be mailed so that family and friends have the opportunity to make appropriate travel arrangements)

12. How much is the deposit? When is it due? When is the balance due, and what is the cancellation policy? (This is good to know in advance in order to maintain your budget)

13. Are the guests permitted to throw rice or birdseed? (If not, alternatives can included delicate flowers, bubbles and balloons)

14. Who provides and serves the liquor? (This might be an in-house or out-sourced necessity, or you might have to work with your caterer or wedding coordinator on this)

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